Disappointing Reads of 2022

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing day and staying safe. So 2022 was a pretty decent reading year and I enjoyed the majority of what I picked up however, there were a few I was pretty disappointed by.

The first book I read this year, also turned out to be my first DNF and that was A Letter to Three Witches by Elizabeth Bass. This one was honestly just boring, and I didn’t care about anything that was happening.

The next book that was a disappointment was Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee. I read To Kill A Mockingbird this year and loved it but honestly wish I hadn’t also picked this one up.

The last book I was really disappointed by and the second book I DNFed was The Stone Knife by Anna Stephens. I absolutely adored the Godblind series by her and was really looking forward to reading her new series however, my expectations were definitely too high and this fell extremely short of them. I just couldn’t get into the plot or the characters.

What books did you read inn2022 that turned out to be disappointments??


10 thoughts on “Disappointing Reads of 2022

  1. Yeahhhhhh my understanding is that Go Set A Watchman was less “sequel” and more “rough framework that got cannibalized into cash-grab by party who stood to benefit”, not unlike the post-Larsson Girl With The Dragon Tattoo books

    At least with these out of the way there are that many fewer disappointing bummers out there! The category ‘books you haven’t read’ just automatically got better!

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  2. I was very disappointed in Go Set a Watchman and don’t think it was ever meant to be published. I haven’t read these other books, but it’s okay to have a few disappointments. Happy reading in the new year!

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  3. I was so excited about Go Set A Watchman when it first came out but soon after I started seeing very mixed and not-so-positive reviews for it and I changed my mind about reading it. Actually just gave away my copy at the end of December and it sounds like I mad the right decision! 😂

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  4. Literally all of the reviews I’ve ever read for go set a watchman HAVE BEEN NEGATIVE I’m so sorry you ended you hating it 😭😭 also the rest of these?? A letter to three witches has such a PRETTY COVER and the title sounds ridiculously intriguing?? And being disappointed by the books from one of your favorite authors is always terrible 😭😭 but at least there were all the good books!!! Yay for a great reading year in general!!!!! And here’s to hoping 2023 turns out even better <33

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    1. I definitely feel like I should have read the reviews for Go Set a Watchman before I picked it up. And I’m just happy that the majority of the books I read were really good.
      Thank you, I hope you have a great year as well 😊😊

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