Let's Talk Bookish

Let’s Talk Bookish

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing day. I’m back with a fun discussion post for you all today.

Let’s Talk Bookish is a bookish meme created by Rukky at Eternity Books and Dani at Literary Lion and is now being hosted by Aria over at Book Nook Bits. Each month they come up with a list of topics for us all to discuss and share our opinions on as well as spreading the love by reading each others posts.

Do you use your local library?(Mikaela @ Mikaela Reads)

Prompts: Do you have a local library you go to often? Does your school/did your school have a library? What are your favorite things about libraries? Are there certain books you borrow from your local library more or less often than others?

I’ve had a very up and down relationship with my local library. All through my life I have went through phases where I would visit religiously and others where I wouldn’t visit at all. My hometown is also quite small and when I was younger I also mostly read fantasy and this is the most limited section in the library so I often felt like I was running out of things to read which is what would lead to the long spans of not visiting.

Despite this I owe a lot to that library as I came across some of my all time favorite books by finding them here. From The Hunger Games to The Mortal Instruments, I might never have picked these up otherwise.

No that I am in America and don’t have access to my own books and am not able to purchase many new books, I have been using the library every month. I feel like in the past few months I have really gained a whole new appreciation for the library, I have come to realize just how impoctant they are not only as a way to help people gain access to books they may not otherwise get. But they also offer so much more, from the groups that they organize, the the computer and internet access they offer. As well as the sense of community they offer.

Do you visit your local library??


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish

  1. HJDJFHDFHHF THIS POST IS FABULOUS!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH 😭 there’s a huge public library at about a 20-minutes-by-car distance from my home and i visit quite often AND POSSIBLY OWE IT A HUGE LOT. honestly, JUST LOOKING AT ALL THE BOOKS AND THE SHELVES AND THE QUIET?? IT’S HEAVENLY

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