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5-4-3-2-1 Tag

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing day and are staying safe. I thought it was about time I took part in another tag as I really love writing these posts. So when I saw this one on Dini from Dinipandareads I knew I had to join in.

5 Books You Love

It’s so hard to whittle it down to just five but these are the ones that immediately jumped out at me.

4 Auto-buy Authors

This is another hard one as I have so many authors that I want to read everything they write but since I have to go with 4 I guess I have to choose Madeline Millar, Talia Hibbert, Taylor Jenkins Reid and Anna-Marie McLemore.

3 Favourite Genres

The top one without a doubt is fantasy, then definitely historical fiction and surprisingly romance is taking that third spot.

2 Places That You Read

The first place is definitely my bed as that is where I read most, and second outside on the deck when it’s a nice day.

1 Book You Promise To Read Soon

I have so many books that I should be picking up one one I definitely promise to pick up is House of Hunger by Alexis Henderson. I have this on hold from the library and hoping to be able to add it to my October TBR.

So as I wasn’t tagged by anyone I’m not going to tag anyone but if you enjoyed this and feel like giving it ago please do as it was a really fun one to write if a little tricky.


6 thoughts on “5-4-3-2-1 Tag

  1. Yay, I really enjoyed reading your answers! I love Evelyn Hugo and TJR is definitely an auto-buy author for me too (even though there are so many of her books I have still yet to read, lol)! 😂 I loved Nevernight too and of course, Jane Austen forever! 💜 I hope you enjoy House of Hunger. It looks so good although entirely out of my comfort zone, lol. Happy reading!

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  2. HFDHFDD I LOVE THIS SO MUCH AND ALL YOUR ANSWERS ARE FABULOUS!! and am in love with all the tjr appreciation in this post, SHE DESREVES TO RULE THE WORLD OK?? also am ridiculously excited to read nevernight (DARK FANTASY IS THE SOLE REASON FOR MY EXISTENCE) and also northanger abbey (sign me up for ALL THE JANE AUSTEN, ACTUALLY) and also anna-marie mclemore, I’VE HEARD SUCH FABULOUS THINGS ABOUT THEIR BOOKS AND AM GENUINELY FASCINATED BY THE ETERNALLY STUNNING COVERS?? plus i may have devoured two of their short stories in anthologies and such AND AM IN LOVE WITH THE WRITING!!

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    1. Thank you so much 💕 Nevernight is perfect is you love dark fantasy and Anna-Marie McLemore’s writing is so beautiful. TJR definitely deserves all the appreciation and I can never get enough of Jane Austen


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