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Summerathon TBR

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing day and are staying safe. So as you may have noticed my reading has been very up and down recently and in order to try and keep myself accountable this summer I decided to join a readathon. I haven’t done many of these in the past so I thought it would be a fun challenge to take part in.

Summerathon is being hosted by @am_lunsford12 over on Instagram and the goal is just to get us reading over the summer. The challenge began on the 1st of June and will end on the 31st August. It is up to you how many books you would like to read in that space of time. There is also the added option to participate in 6 prompts during the event.

So for I decided to set a goal of 9 books, three books for each month. I have also decided to take part in the prompts just to make it a bit more fun, and due to their being 6 prompts I will get a free book each month.

Are you taking part in any readathons this summer?? What are some books you are hoping to get to??

6 thoughts on “Summerathon TBR

  1. ahhh i really really hope you enjoy all of these and CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS!! i’ve only read the house in the cerulean sea from your list, BUT IT WAS SO SO GOOD AHHH!! the characters are so PRECIOUS, I LOVE THEM 😭😭

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