Wrap Ups and Hauls

April Wrap Up

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing day and are staying safe. So this has been another up and down month for me, I celebrated a really fun Easter with my host family and spent an amazing week in Miami with some friends, my first time traveling out of state since I came to America. I really enjoyed exploring the downtown area and spending most of my time hanging out at the beach. However, coming back wasn’t so fun as I ended up testing positive for Covid a couple of days after I got back and spent the last week of the month in quarantine. I’m fully vaccinated so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but is still wasn’t great and I’m not too happy that they changed a lot of the mask rules as I was literally in the air but unfortunately I can’t control other people’s desire to not wear a mask.

On another note, I have spent so long off Twitter that I can’t remember how to access my account so decided to just create a new one. For anyone interested you can follow me @michaelasbooks


Apart from that I did manage to get some reading done this month.

The first two books I picked up were House of Earth and Blood and House of Sky and Breath by Sarah J. Maas. I am Sarah J. Maas trash and so I loved both of these though the first more than the second and I have reviews coming for both this month.

I also read The Rose Code by Kate Quinn this month. This was the second pick for my host families book club and another one that I really enjoyed. I hadn’t known much about this side of the Second World War so it was really interesting to learn more about it.

I also read two editions from the MAanga classics series, Romeo and Juliet and Anne of Green Gables. I really love both of these classics and reading them in the manga style was a treat. The illustrations really added to the stories and the cosy feeling of the books. If you enjoy manga and these classics I would highly recommend picking up these editions.

Lastly I finished Fledging the second book in the Sorcery and Society trilogy by Molly Harper. Didn’t love this as much as the first one but it was still a pretty enjoyable read and I look forward to picking up the last one.

I also DNFed a book this month, that being Ashes by Christopher De Vinck. Usually I love books set during the world wars but this one just wasn’t for me. I found the writing style to be really sluggish and I don’t really care about the characters in this.


This moth I binged the second season of Bridgerton and loved it, even better than the first season.

I’m also currently rewatching Stranger Things in anticipation for season 4 at the end of this month.

Spreading the Love

How was your April, what was your favorite/least favorite read?? Any plans for May??

10 thoughts on “April Wrap Up

  1. I’m so sorry you got covid the MINUTE you went out of state! I’ve read a ton this month and have pretty much just been catching up on all the housework I’ve been avoiding all winter.

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    1. Thank you, I wasn’t fun but you just got to get on with it. I’m so glad you had a great reading month, I usually save a lot of deep cleaning for this time of year as well 💜😊 hope you have an amazing May


  2. Boooooo to catching COVID! I’m so glad you only had a mild case, though — not a great homecoming, I’m sure. I’ve heard such wonderful things about The Rose Code, I really need to get to it sooner rather than later!

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  3. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that you got COVID even if it was just a mild case! 😫 I hope you recovered well and are feeling better now! I still haven’t read Maas’ series and I think I might just wait until the next book comes out considering what I heard about the cliffhanger ending in book two. I also have Quinn’s books on my TBR but haven’t got around to reading them yet. Glad to hear that you enjoyed this one though—I love books in this setting and this sounds unique! I hope May is a better month for you!

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    1. Thank you, I’m feeling a lot better now. It’s probably a good idea to wait closer to the next book to come out as that was a pretty big cliffhanger. I hope you have an amazing May as well 😊💜


  4. COVID sucks so much. I had it in September, and (at the time) I was fully vaxxed! I’m boosted now, but I’m still scared I’m going to catch it again. I hope you’re feeling loads better. I read House of Earth and Blood last week, and I loved it! I can’t wait to get to House of Sky and Breath! I hope your May is much better than your April!

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