Chain of Iron Favourite Quotes

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing weekend and are staying safe. Today I am here with my favourite quotes from Chain of Iron by Cassandra Clare.

“Love is not always a lightning bolt. Sometimes it is a creeping vine. It grows slowly until suddenly it is all that there is in the world.”

“We are none of us perfect, and no one expects perfection. But when you have hurt people, you must allow them their anger. Otherwise it will only become another thing you have tried to take away.”

“You cannot save people who do not want to be saved,” said Magnus. “You can only stand by their side and hope that when they wake and realize they need saving, you will be there to help them.”

“You must stop this,” he said. “You will make yourself unworthy by considering yourself unworthy. We become what we are afraid we will be.”

“If this were The Beautiful Cordelia, a mad but handsome duke would come staggering across the heath, but nothing ever happened as it did in books.”

“People are dull. Gossiping about them is never dull.”

“Contrary to what your beloved poets say, unrequited love doesn’t last forever. And being treated badly by someone doesn’t make you love them more.”

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