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The Aesthetic Blogger Award

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing day and are staying safe. I was tagged by Zoë over at reading by the moonlight to take part in the Aesthetic Blogger Award. If you aren’t already following Zoë then I highly recommend that you all check out her amazing blog.


The rules:

  • Use the official logo/graphic of the award and display it on your blog.
  • List the rules.
  • Show some love to the one who nominated you!
  • Mention the creator (Asmita@ the Fictional Journal) and link it back to the original post.
  • Tell me a something about this world that you admire.
  • What is your favourite form of creativity?
  • Nominate 7 lovely people and notify them by commenting on their posts; spread some love!
  • Ask your nominees 4 questions.
  • Share something you created. (can be anything!)
  • And lastly, just so you know: I LOVE YOUR CREATIONS!

Something in the world you admire??

Nature, I’m fascinated by how diverse and beautiful nature is and just how relaxing it can be to spend time in it.

Your favourite form of creativity??

I definitely have to go with writing my blog, I just love being able to share my love of books through here.

I Nominate

My Questions

  • What is your favourite place to visit??
  • If you had one day that you could spend anywhere you wanted, doing anything you wanted and with anyone you wanted, what would you do??
  • What is one thing that terrifies you??
  • And if you could be any book character for a day who would you choose.

Share something you created??

I’m not massively creative and so apart from this blog the only other thing I have created is my Instagram account with you can find @michaelasjourneyintobooks

Zoë’s Questions

What’s one thing that made you really happy this past week?

I finally set a date for moving to America.

What one book do you keep saying you need to read but never get to it?

The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern. I have been saying I will pick this up since it was released 2 years ago but am still to do so. However I am determined to get it read by the end of this month.

Shuffle your Spotify playlist (*other music providers available*) and tell me the first five songs that come up!

  1. My Way by Ava Max.
  2. Strange Love by Halsey.
  3. When Will My Life Begin from Tangled.
  4. It Ends Tonight by The All-American Rejects.
  5. Empire to Ashes by Sleeping with Sirens.

If you could be best friends with any book character, who would it be and why?

Magnus Bane all the way, I adore this character and feel he would be so fun to hang out with and would be a great friend to have.

12 thoughts on “The Aesthetic Blogger Award

  1. Thanks for the tag! I can’t wait to answer your questions. The Starless Sea is also one of the many books I say I’ll read soon and yet, it’s still unread until now 😂 Good luck with your big move!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay – so happy you did this!
    Wow! You’re moving to America? Best of luck with that ❤ Can't wait to hear about all your adventures.
    Absolutely love that When Will My Life Begin from Tangled came up on your Spotify shuffle ❤ what a fantastic film

    Liked by 1 person

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