Let's Talk Bookish

Let’s talk bookish

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing day and staying safe. It’s been a while since I took part in one of these posts


Prompts: Everyone blogs differently, how do you do it? Do you schedule posts long before they’re published, how long? Do you write several drafts of a post and edit them, or do you not edit at all? Perhaps you simply write a post and put it up for the world to see immediately? There’s no right or wrong answer!

Honestly my posting can be a bit all over the place, for someone who loves organisation as much as I do I’m not always the best at putting it into practice.

I definitely prefer to schedule my posts in advance as I find it just makes it easier and when I succeed in doing so I feel a lot less stressed out. My goal at the moment is to schedule posts at least a week in advance but have a rough plan for each month. This doesn’t always work but I am slowly getting there and I do hope that at some point to have things scheduled even further in the future to reduce stress even more but for the moment sticking with this.

However things don’t always go to plan as I tend not to leave posts as drafts and will schedule them even when they aren’t finished as I feel it helps me keep track of when posts are roughly going out but this does on occasion backfire when I forget about a post and it goes up on the blog uncompleted and as soon as I notice I have to rush to get it finished. This doesn’t happen too often but enough that I really need to learn to pay more attention.

Do you have any set schedules for your blog??

4 thoughts on “Let’s talk bookish

  1. it’s so cool to read about how different we all are posting-wise! i also try to at least come up with ideas a week before, but normally i just write spontaneously when i’m in the mood. usually if i keep to a strict schedule, i get burned out easily. loved this post! 😊

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