Cursebreakers Series Favourite Quotes

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing day and are staying safe. I haven’t done a quotes post for this series yet and as I have just finished the final book I thought I would comply a list of favourite quotes from each book in this post.

“Words spoken in the dark in the middle of the night always feel so much heavier than they would at any other time.”

“Failure isn’t absolute, just because you couldn’t save everyone doesn’t mean you didn’t save anyone.”

“We are all dealt a hand at birth. A good hand can ultimately lose – just as a poor hand can win – but we must all play the cards the fate deals. The choices we face may not be the choices we want, but they are choices nonetheless.”

“Ah yes, the most dangerous person at the party is always the girl sitting alone with a book.”

“Choices are never easy. There are good and bad options, but the most dangerous is to not make any choice at all.”

“while ruthlessness may have its place, I believe your brand of strength would garner greater loyalty. That is what makes you dangerous. Not because you would ride in with a blade and take control, but because you could quietly sit in this chair, in the dark, with your book…and you could determine the best way to achieve what needs to be done”

“Yield to yourself. Yield to forgiveness. Yield to happiness. Yield to this moment. It’s not hers. It’s yours. It’s mine. It’s ours.”

“Scars mean you survived something terrible.”

“I know trust is not something you win once, but is instead something you must earn over and over again.”

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