Dark and Deepest Red Favourite Quotes

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing day. I just finished this book last night and couldn’t not write this post straight away as Anna-Marie McLemore never fails to blow me away with their outstanding writing style.

“This is a city where the story they choose to believe about you depends on how well they think of you, and that story can shift as suddenly as the wink of those stars.”

“I would find a way to make sure we never had to destroy something of ourselves just to stop other people from taking it.”

“History, no matter who writes it, cannot hide the blood on it’s hands. But neither can it hide those who lived it.”

“Those who go looking for demons always find them,” Tante says. “Even in angels.”

“We are more than what we have survived.”

“Did you not hear your own words?…We are your legion of demons.”

“My story was not a fairy tale of a cruel-hearted girl whose shoes danced her to death, or a kindhearted one who threw her red shoes into the river. This was not a story about a wicked queen made to wear iron heels, or a lovely, golden-haired girl in slippers of glass. This had been about a fever, a nightmare, a dance made into a curse.
It was about women turning their own fears into their sharpest blades.”

Have you read this book?? What were your thoughts?? Did you have any favourite quotes??

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