Custard Protocal Favourite Quotes

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing weekend and staying safe. Today I am here with some of my favourite quotes from the Custard Protocol series by Gail Carriger.

“One could not blame a people for disliking vampires. Vampires were like brussels sprouts – not for everyone and impossible to improve upon with sauce.”

“How did we go from tea to death so quickly?” wondered Quesnel. “Sometimes,” said Prim darkly, “there is a very fine line between the two.”

“Percy has a cat, named Footnote. Or as Virgil put it, Footnote has a human, named Percy.”

“I think we seldom regret the risks we take as much as the times we did not try at all.”

“I detest nice weather. Everyone feels compelled to do things out of doors.”

I live on a ship full of outcasts, populated by society’s unacceptable. And yet, here I stand, happy. And I love them all.
It is time, Primrose thought, to tender myself the same level of courtesy. Or perhaps it is time that I simply accepted that I too am one of the strange and abandoned. Appearances be damned.”

“Footnote, tail high, led the way in that manner of cats which is one part banner-waving herald and one part attempted murder by tripping. Cats in hallways – escort meets assassination attempt.”

“Yes?” Percy did not try to tame the grumpiness in his voice. He hated to be disturbed while he was reading. Of course, he was always reading, but that did not signify.”

“You may call me Rue, or if you insist, Captain Rue.”
“Exactly, as in you will come to rue the day you met me. Most do.”

“He shuddered at the notion, and wanted badly to court Arsenic with nothing more than a companionable silence while reading. But presumably one had to state one’s intent in matters of affection, if one wished to move beyond reading.
She’d said she was a rebel. Wasn’t a silent courtship terribly rebellious?”

Have you read this series? What did you thing of it? Do you have any favourite quotes?

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