The Black Flamingo Favourite Quotes

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing weekend and are staying safe. Today I am here with some of my favourite quotes from The Nlack Flamingo by Dean Atta.

“This book is a fairy tale  in which I am the prince  and the princess. I am  the king and the queen.  I am my own wicked  witch and fairy godmother.  This book is a fairy tale  in which I’m cursed  and blessed by others.  But, finally, I am the fairy  finding my own magic.”

Don’t come out unless you want to. Don’t come out for anyone else’s sake. Don’t come out because you think society expects you to.
Come out for yourself.
Come out to yourself.
Shout, sing it.
Softly stutter.
Correct those who say they knew before you did.
That’s not how sexuality works, it’s yours to define.”

“You are a full human being. It’s never as simple as being half and half.”

“Remember, you have the right to be proud; remember, you have the right to be you.”

“I’ve been friendly. I’ve been frightened. I’ve been fake. But I’ve never been fierce. I’ve been frustrated. I’ve been forgotten. I’ve been forgiving. But I’ve never been fierce. I wanna be fabulous. I wanna be flamboyant. I wanna flaunt what I’ve got. I want to be fierce.”

“They interrupt our joy. Our history. Our progress. They know they can’t stop us unless they kill us but they can’t kill us all, so you’re living your life and suddenly interrupted by white fear or suspicion. They fear sharing anything. Our success is a threat.”

“When it’s time to go onstage,
know that you’re not ready but
this is not about being ready,
it’s not even about being fierce
or fearless, it’s about being free. I don’t have a clue what I’m doing
but that’s not going to stop me.”

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