Clap When You Land Favourite Quotes

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing day and are staying safe. This month I finally picked up a book from the amazingly talented Elizabeth Acevedo and I feel in love with her writing style. So here are some of my favourite quotes from Clap When You Land.


“I am beginning to learn that life-altering news is often like a premature birth: ill-timed, catching someone un-aware, emotionally unprepared & often where they shouldn’t be:”

“it has saved my life on the many days when I needed a reminder the world is bigger than the one I know, & its currents are always moving; when I need a reminder there is a life for me beyond the water & that one day i will not be left behind.”

“Fight until you can’t breathe, & if you have to forfeit, you forfeit smiling, make them think you let them win.””

“Playing chess taught me a queen is both: deadly and graceful, poised and ruthless. Quiet and cunning. A queen offers her hand to be kissed, & can form it into a fist while smiling the whole damn time.”

“Maybe anger is like a river. Maybe it crumbles everything around it. Maybe it hides so many skeletons beneath the rolling surface.”

“Can you be from a place you have never been? You can find the island stamped all over me, but what would the island find if I was there? Can you claim a home that does not know you, much less claim you as its own?”

“But one thing I learned from the Saints, when the crossroads are open to you, you must decide a path. I will not stand still while the world makes my choices.”

“& so I remember that to walk this world you must be kind but also fierce.”

“Does anyone ever want to leave the place they love.”


What are your favourite quotes from this novel?





8 thoughts on “Clap When You Land Favourite Quotes

  1. Love these quotes! I especially love the one about being from a place you’ve never been to 🙂. I recently read With the Fire On High and The Poet X and can’t wait to get to Clap When You Land!

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  2. Love these quotes! Clap When You Land is such a beautiful, emotional book. I wish I could write as beautifully as Elizabeth Acevedo.

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