Stain Favourite Quotes

Hi everyone, I hope you are all have an amazing day and staying safe. I adore A.G. Howards’ writing style and after finally picking up Stain there was no way I wasn’t going to be showcasing some of the amazing quotes from this novel.


“Stardust lit the footsteps of the heroes and heroines of old: those who conquered dragons and basilisks; those who befriended immortals, sorcerers and mages; those who built the two magical kingdoms with a balance of both logic and vision. In comparison, the sun’s harsh yellow beams inspired the sensible side of a mind.”

“A raven-eyed star-boy foraged of sunlight, and a silver-haired songbird girl who commands the shadows.”

“Though her past still alluded her, her present no longer did. She had a friend and a family; she wouldn’t be alone in this journey.”

“This time, she viewed a long mane of white crickets and a crown of moths. And she saw her true self at last: a murdered princess, resurrected.”

“At last she understood her calling, her identity. She would make her parents proud… reclaim what had been stolen, save the night realm’s prince, and reunite the sun with the moon-whatever it took to see it all done.”

“For what they had forgotten, they would soon remember: disassociation breeds prejudice, bitterness, and apathy—emotions too monstrous for any one kingdom in any one land to contain, and too powerful to ever be defeated by magic alone.”

““I don’t wish to tame you. I seek partnership. To by your eyes in the darkness. To be your hands should you ever get trapped. To be yours ears when you’re flying too high to listen.”


What are some of your favourite quotes from this book?



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