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Sunshine Blogger Award

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing day. I was tagged by the brilliant Steph from Bookslovereaders who you should all go follow ASAP if you haven’t already.

Standalones or Series?

As much as I love a good standalone I will always have to pick series.

You can be part of one book what would it be and why?


There are so many but no matter what I will always pick Harry Potter because Hogwarts will always be my home.

What is your favourite book genre?

This will  come as a surprise to no one but it is of course fantasy.

Do you have a favourite Bookish Character?


Again this will come as no surprise to anyone, Magnus Bane.

You go on an adventure and can have three companions who would you pick? (Can be real, fictional, dead or alive)

Obviously Magnus Bane will be coming along, not only will he bring the fun but his magic could come in useful. Next I would pick Bilbo Baggins as he seems like he’d be up for a good adventure and lastly I would pick Luna Lovegood as I don’t think you could ever have a dull time with her around.

Do you have a favourite shop to buy books from?


Waterstones, mostly because it’s one of the few places near me that sells books.

Have you been to a book event? If so what one?


I have been lucky enough to have attended 3 book events which were for Sarah J. Maas, R. F. Kuang and Jay Kristoff each of which were amazing and I feel so privileged to have been given the chance to go. I apologise for the awful photo quality

Have you ever got star struck when meeting a famous person? Who was it?

The only famous people I’ve ever met are the aforementioned authors and I was most definialty star struck and am lucky that I managed to say anything to them.

What is your most anticipated release for 2019.


My most anticipated release for this year was The Red Scrolls of Magic by Cassandra Clare which I loved.

How many books have you read this year?

So far this year I have read just over 100 books and I have no idea how I have managed that.

Kiss, Marry, Kill – ok the characters are… Cardan (Cruel Prince) The Darkling (Grisha) Legolas (LoTR)

I would kiss Carden, Marry Legolas and kill the Darkling. I feel bad killing The Darkling as I know I’m going to love him but since I haven’t yet read the book he must be sacrificed.


Since I am extremely lazy and have recently posted a Sunshine Blogger award I won’t be tagging anyone this time round. Though feel free to answer the above questions from Steph.

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