Darkdawn Favourite Quotes

“As promised, her birth you’ve witnessed, her life you’ve lived. all that remains is her death.”

“This is who I am. I’m not a hero. I’m a vengeful, selfish bitch. And I’ve never pretended otherwise. If you wanted a saviour, perhaps you should’ve picked a girl who believes this world is worth saving.”

“I thought I’d be alone my whole life. I thought I’d never find a piece of happy. Well, I’ve found one now, and I want to keep it. If that’s selfish, then I’ll be selfish. Because at least I’ll be in love. And fuck you for trying to take that away from me.”

“But to live in the hearts of those we leave behind is to never die. And to burn in the memories of our friends is to never say goodbye.”

“All that mattered was what she’d do. What she’d always done. Fight. With everything she had.”

“Fear was Can’t. Fear was Won’t. But fear wasn’t ever a choice. To never fear was to never hope. Never love. never live. To never fear the dark was to never smile as the dawn kissed your face. To never fear solitude was to never know the joy of a beauty in your arms. Part of having is the fear of losing. Part of creating is the fear of it breaking. Part of beginning is the fear of your ending. Fear is never a choice. Never a choice. But letting it rule you is.”

“I am a daughter of the dark between the stars. I am the thought that wakes the bastards of this world sweating in the nevernight. i am the vengeance of every orphaned daughter, every murdered mother, every bastard son. I am the war you cannot win.”

“You never know what can break you until you’re falling apart. You never miss your shadow until you’re lost in the dark.”

“Brave in a way he’d never been. Dark and bloodstained and scarred to the bone. She had every reason in the world to be nothing but rage and hatred and misery. But he knew, as much as she tried to hide it, she hadn’t let life turn her cold. She loved with a heart as fierce as lions. Gave in a way that left her bleeding, but never broken. Because even with all she’d lost, all she’d sacrificed, all the hurt heaped upon her shoulders, she’d still come back.”

“You promised to remember her. Not just the good parts. The ugly parts and the selfish parts and the real parts, too. All of her, Mercurio, who can do that ,if not you?”


What are some of your favourite quotes from this book?

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