Bloodchild Spoiler Free Review

Title: Bloodchild

Author: Anna Stephens

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

Release Date: September 5th 2019

Number of Pages: 384

Genre: Adult, Grimdark Fantasy


Goodreads Synopsis

In this epic grimdark conclusion to the Godblind Trilogy, heroes, armies, and gods both good and evil will battle one last time, with the fate of the world itself at stake. . . . The great city of Rilpor has fallen. Its walls have crumbled under the siege by the savage Mireces; its defenders have scattered, fleeing for their lives; its new rulers plot to revive the evil Red Gods using the city’s captured, soon-to-be-sacrificed citizens. Now, with the Fox God leading the shattered remnants of the Rilporian defence and the Mireces consolidating their claim on the rest of the country, it’s up to Crys, Tara, Mace, Dom and the rest to end the Red Gods’ scourge once and for all. While the Rilporians plan and prepare for one final, cataclysmic battle to defeat their enemies, the Blessed One and the king of the Mireces have plans of their own: dark plans that will see gods resurrected and the annihilation of the Dancer for all time. Key to their plan is Rillirin, King Corvus’s sister, and the baby–the Bloodchild–she carries. As both sides face their destinies and their gods, only one thing is clear: death waits for them all.

*I would like to thank Netgalley and the HarperCollins UK for providing me with an eARC in exchange for an honest review*

*May contain spoilers for previous books in the series*

This is how you end a series and break my heart into tiny little pieces. This book was action packed from the start and will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. This is also the most anxiety provoking series I’ve ever read and I love it.

This book starts off not long after Darksoul ended. The Mireces have taken control of Rilpor but in doing so they have lost one of their gods, The Dark Lady. However, they have a plan to get her back and consolidate their rule throughout Gilgoras. Despite their massive losses Mace his the last of his Rankers and the Wolves, with the help of the Fox god, are determined to foil these plans and get rid of the Red gods once and for all.

I think what I love best about this series is that no one is safe and you have no idea what will happen next. You really have no idea what side is going to come out on top at the end and I felt that this really helped to keep you invested and engaged in the story.

And then of course we have our amazing cast of characters. These characters are all so well fleshed out and Anna Stephens did such a good job at ensuring that they all had a distinct voice and I just love the fact that you get povs from characters on both sides of the war which really gives you a better insight in to what each side are fighting for. They also broke my heart continuously throughout this book.

Like the previous books in this series this book is very dark and has many trigger warnings: graphic violence, murder, torture, slavery, attempted rape, rape, death of a loved one and religious sacrifice.

Overall, this was an amazing ending to an even better series and I gave it 5 out of 5 stars.


Have you read this series? What did you think of it?

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