Darkdawn Spoiler Free Review

Title: Darkdawn

Author: Jay Kristoff

Publisher: HarperVoyager

Release Date: September 5th 2019

Number of Pages: 512

Genre: Adult, Fantasy


Goodreads Synopsis

The greatest games in Godsgrave’s history have ended with the most audacious murders in the history of the Itreyan Republic.

Mia Corvere, gladiatii, escaped slave and infamous assassin, is on the run. Pursued by Blades of the Red Church and soldiers of the Luminatii legion, she may never escape the City of Bridges and Bones alive. Her mentor Mercurio is now in the clutches of her enemies. Her own family wishes her dead. And her nemesis, Consul Julius Scaeva, stands but a breath from total dominance over the Republic.

But beneath the city, a dark secret awaits. Together with her lover Ashlinn, brother Jonnen and a mysterious benefactor returned from beyond the veil of death, she must undertake a perilous journey across the Republic, seeking the final answer to the riddle of her life. Truedark approaches. Night is falling on the Republic for perhaps the final time.

Can Mia survive in a world where even daylight must die?

*May contain spoilers for previous books in the series*

This book was everything I could have hoped it to be. It broke me and I loved every goddamn minute of it. I apologise for the fact that this book is going to be a bit of a mess as I’m really struggling to talk abut this book in coherent sentences.

First of all you can’t talk about this book without talking about Mia Corvere. I don’t think I could ever love a character the way I love Mia and I feel honoured to have been able to on this journey with her. We have watched her go from someone whose only purpose in life is to seek revenge for the death of her mother and father to someone who still wants her revenge who can now dream of a future after. Mia goes through hell throughout this series and I loved seeing how this only made her stronger and watching her open up her heart to the people around her was beautiful.

There are so many amazing side characters in this and I love how fleshed out they all are and how each of them have a distinct voice and it warmed my heart seeing Mia and her brother Jonnen’s relationship grow throughout.

Also the romance within this is everything and I will always be extremely grateful to Jay Kristoff for the queer rep within.

The ending of this book is probably my favourite ending of all time and had me sobbing for around the last three quarters of it and for ages after I’d actually finished it.

The way that everything finally come together within this book is so well done and I applaud Jay Kristoff for the way he pulls it off. I’m also living for the footnotes in this series.

As with the previous books in this series this one is extremely dark, contains explicit sex scenes and trigger warnings for graphic violence, murder, death of a loved one, sexual assault, talk of past slavery, child rape and suicide.

Overall, this series is one of my all time favourites and one that I plan on rereading again and again throughout my life. I gave this 5 out of 5 stars though it deserves so many more.

Have read this book? What did you think of it?

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