Godsgrave Favourite Quotes

“Behind her lay only blood and a mountain full of treachery. Ahead lay the sand of the venatus, and vengeance. This was her course now. For good or ill, she had to walk it.”

“She’d grown up inside books. No matter how dark life became, shutting out the hurt was as easy as opening a cover. A child of murdered parents and a failed rebellion, she’d still walked in the boots of scholars and warriors, queens and conquerors. The heavens grant us only one life, but through books, we live a thousand.”

“The choice between looking plain and pretty isn’t really a choice at all. But any fool knows looking dangerous is preferable to both.”

“That’s fear talking. never listen to him. Fear is a coward.”

“When you take a person out of the world, you don’t just take them, do you? You take everything they were, too.”

“So much wealth held in so few palms. A kingdom of the blind, built on the backs of the bruised and the broken.”

“If Vengeance has a mother, her name is Patience.”

“the art of telling a good story lies in knowing when to stop. Keep talking long enough, you’ll find there’s no such thing as a happy ending.”

“’We have a saying in Vaan,’ Byern replied. ‘In every breath, hope abides.’”

“’Our scars are just gifts from our enemies,’ Ashlinn whispered into her mouth. ‘Reminding us they weren’t good enough to kill us.’”


What are some of your favourite quotes from this book?

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