Summer of Salt Favourite Quotes

“She was tied to the water, my sister. Moods like tides, temper like a hungry shark.”

“I felt hands around my waist and I knew it was my sister by the dark smell of impossibility.”

“In the graveyard, it always seemed to be late autumn. The perfect season for graveyards.”

“I think a person can be a home, sometimes, just as much as a house can.”

“if we weren’t careful, they’d take over the entire house. You wouldn’t be ale to see anything of the Fernweh Inn except bloodred blooms and dark-green vines and sharp little thorns. Like sleeping beauty stuck in a tower surrounded by things that could prick. Except there weren’t any princes on By-the-Sea, We didn’t need princes; e saved ourselves.”

“In a family full of girls you realize quickly that no girls are ordinary.”

“I thought of Annabella, seizing her one opportunity to get away forever. I don’t blame her. given the chance, I think we all would want wings.”

“Of course the planchette spelled out the word evil, because life could never be calm an easy, life always had to be scary and dangerous and mean.”

“The dead loved promises. the living loved promising.”


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