Goals Update

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all having an amazing day. I was supposed to be posting a review today but I have yet to finish either book, in my defence I’m on holiday just now and haven’t had many chances to read, so instead since we are half way through the year I thought I would check in on the goals I made at the beginning of the year. And I can safely say that I am failing miserably at them.

  1. Read 4 Shakespeare plays – so far this year I have read none. I have a feeling I’m not going to read four plays so I am going to decrease this to two plays.
  2. Reread the Shadowhunter books in anticipation for the release of Queen of Darkness – so far I have read the first three in the Mortal Instruments series so better than the previous goal but I still have 10 books left to read.
  3. Complete five series – I have read one full series this year but have not completed any that I had started previously.
  4. Buy Less books – I’ve actually not been doing to bad with this one, apart from this month as I visited Barnes and Noble and bought myself a few books.
  5. Start up a twitter – I set up both a twitter and instagram account so this one has been completed
  6. Blog at least four times a week – I think my blogging has been a little all over the place due to uni but I’m hoping to get this back on track soon.
  7. Get better at commenting on posts – I feel that I’m am getting better at this but i’ve been faillin this month as im on holiday and havent had much time but I plan on doing it more when I get back home and have more time for blog hopping.
  8. Reach 250 followers. I’m really happy to say that I have reached this goal and am thankful to every last one of you for your support.

As you can see I haven’t stuck to my goals as much as I would have liked by now but I still have five months left to catch up.

How have your goals been going this year?

7 thoughts on “Goals Update

  1. Seems I would fail miserable at all of your goals, except starting the Twitter account and blogging 4 times a week. You’re doing great!!

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  2. I’m pants at achieving goals when I really think I have to do it. It’s when I relax up and just enjoy it all than I am at my most productive and ready to hit those goals! Congrats on reaching your follower goal!!


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