Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda Favourite Quotes

“Why is straight the default? Everyone should have to declare one way or another, and it shouldn’t be this big awkward thing whether you’re straight, gay, bi, or whatever. I’m just saying.”

“People really are like house with vast rooms and tiny windows. And maybe it’s a good thing, the way we never stop surprising each other.”

“He talked about the ocean between people. And how the whole point of everything is to find a shore worth swimming to.”

“White shouldn’t be the default any more than straight should be the default. There shouldn’t even be a default.”

“He tells me to pick the music. I’m not sure if he knows that handing me his iPod is like handing me the window to his soul.”

“And you know what? You don’t get to say it’s not a big thing. This is a big fucking thing, okay? This was supposed to be—this is mine. I’m supposed to decide when and where and who knows and how I want to say it.”

“I’m not going to pretend I know how this ends, and I don’t have a freaking clue if it’s possible to fall in love over email. But I would really like to meet you, Blue. I want to try this. And I can’t imagine a scenario where I don’t want to kiss your face off as soon as I see you.”

“In the distance, they begin shutting down the rides and turning off lights. There’s something beautiful and eerie about a darkened, unmoving Ferris wheel.”

“I feel him shift quietly as he laces his fingers through mine. He lifts them and presses his lips to the edge of my palm.
He pauses, holding them there. And there’s this fluttery yank below my navel.
Then he lets our intertwined hands fall back onto his lap. And if this is what it’s like having a boyfriend, I don’t know why in God’s name I waited so long.”

Did you love any of these quotes? Which is your favourite?

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