Let’s Talk About Love Favourite Quotes

“There’s something powerful about making a grand entrance in a fantastic pair of red heels.”

“Why did she have to spend the rest of her life coming out over and over and over…? And once she did, would people always expect her to talk about it? It would always be a huge deal, she would always be subjected to questions, and she would always have to defend herself. Would it ever stop feeling like A Thing, a barrier, between her and everyone else?”

“But you know! You get it. I’m not trying to trivialize anyone else and what they have to do, but if I go to my parents and say I’m a lesbian, they would know what I meant. If I went to my siblings and said I’m bisexual, they would know what I meant. If I tell anyone I’m asexual, they’re going to look at me like there’s something wrong. They’re going to tell me to go to a doctor. They’re going to tell me I’m too young to know what I want or I’m still developing. Or they’ll tell me how important sex is to finding a good man. Or they’ll think they can fix me, that I’m lying because I don’t want to sleep with them. It’s hard enough trying to explain that word, so how in the hell am I going to explain I’m biromantic asexual? They’re really going to think I’m making this shit up.”

“Delaying the  inevitable never stopped it from happening.”

“Life could be cruel. But it could also be wonderful.”

“Love shouldn’t hinge solely on exposing your physical body to another person.”

“Meeting Takumi had challenged everything she had thought she knew about herself, made her work to find out who she was on a functional level. He challenged her in the best way possible, wholly unaware of the effect he had on her, pushing so far out of her comfort zone she had to question everything. She had discovered, no, was still discovering, who she wanted to be, what she could and could not handle. He had given her a reason to reconnect with herself.”

Did you love any of these quotes? Which was your favourite?

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