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The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hi everyone, I hope your all having an amazing day. I was nominated by both Ash and Lo from Windowsill Books and Ivy from Ivy’s Well Used Library Card, both blogs are amazing and you should go check them out, for the Sunshine Blogger Award.


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the sunshine blogger award logo in your post/or on your blog.

Ash and Lo’s Questions

1. If you could be any book character, which character would you be?

At the moment I would love to be Sophronia from the Finishing school series by Gail Carriger. She’s a really fun character and who wouldn’t want to spend time with Soap.

2. What is your all-time favourite classic Disney movie?

This was an easy pick as Beauty and the Beast is by far my favourite. I love both the animation and the live action versions.


3. Someone offers you a thousand dollars to re-read this book, and your response is, “No way! There is not enough money in the world to persuade me to read that book again.” What book is it?

The Cone Gatherers by Robin Jenkins. I had to read this in my Higher English class and I hated every second of it. I’ve never read a book so awful in my life. It was written specifically for Higher English and you could tell.

4. Favourite magic system in literature that isn’t Harry Potter?

For this I have to pick the Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. I have yet to finish this series but I love the magic system as it’s really unique and interesting.

5. What is your favourite book trope and what is your least favourite book trope?

One of my favourite book tropes is the “enemies to lovers” trope and my least favourite is the “not like other girls” trope.

6. Name a time when the couple you shipped didn’t get together in a book/ series, or when the person you rooted for in the love triangle didn’t get the girl/boy.

Chaol Westfall and Celaena Sardothien. I was really rooting for these two the first couple of books and I hate Rowan Whitethorn.

7. Would you rather have the ability to fly or own a dragon that could fly you everywhere?

I would love to own a dragon. I’m currently reading The Memoirs of Lady Trent series by Marie Brennan and it has increased my love for dragons tenfold.


8. You are at the movie theatre, do you choose sweet or salty snacks?

Usually I would chose salty snacks over sweet ones but at the cinema I’m also really self conscious that I’ll make too much noise eating crisps so I’d take something sweet instead.

9. Favourite musical?

My favourite musical is Les Miserables. It’s a tradition of mine to watch it every Boxing Day and I’d love to see it in theatre.

les miserables movie poster

10. What did you name your car? If you don’t have a car or didn’t name your car, what would you name it?

I haven’t named my car and have no intention of naming it but if I was to I suppose I would go for something like

11. Your fairy godmother appears to you in a dream, explaining that she has gifted you with the power to change the last chapter of any book. Your eyes flick open and you immediately jump out of bed. You run to your bookshelf and pick up which book?

I would change the ending of Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare, for reasons that everyone who has read the series will know.


Ivy’s Questions

1. Share your first book memory.

I can’t pin point what my first bookish memory is but one of them would be my mum reading to me on Christmas Eve, she would read the same book to me every year.

2. Who is your current favourite author and why?

I have so many but I think I would have to pick Cassandra Clare not only because I love her books but because they helped me to accept myself and I’m extremely thankful to her for that.

3. In a non-romantic way, which favourite character would you have dinner with? And where would you go?

Definitely Magnus Bane, he is my favourite character and it would be very interesting to have dinner with him. I also think it would be amazing to go to clubbing with him. Though I have no idea where we would go.


4. Which book would you sacrifice your memory for, just so you could read it again and experience it as if you never read it before?

I would love to read the Harry Potter books for the first time again or Jane Eyre.

5. Who is your favourite bookish pet/animal?

Bumbersnoot from the Finishing School series by Gail Carriger. Technically he’s a mechanical but he is shaped liked a sausage dog and is absolutely adorable.

6. What is your most anticipated release in 2018? Why?

My most anticipated release of 2018 was The Cruel Prince by Holly Black because I love Fearie books especially those that show the cruelty of the fey and I was not disappointed.

7. What is your favourite reading place?

My favourite reading place is bed as its so comfy.


8. What is your favourite type of books to review?

My favourite type of book to review are the ones I give five stars to as I feel that I have a lot more to write about in them.

9. What is your favourite type of blog to read? And what type of blog post are your favourite type to write?

I only read two types of blogs books and travel but my favourite is definitely books and my favourite type of post which may surprise some people is reviews as I’ve read quite a few amazing books from reading them such as Autoboyography by Christina Lauren and Spellslinger by Sebastien De Castell.


10. What inspired you to start a blog?

I don’t have many friends who love reading as much as I do so I was ecstatic when I stumbled across booktube. After a few months of watching booktube videos I decided that I wanted to get more involved in the book community but am way to shy to get in front of a camera which is where I found blogging.

11. What is the best thing about blogging?

There are a lot of great things about blogging but my favourite is the community and being able to talk to people who love reading as much as I do.


I Tag


My Questions

  1. If you could burn a book, which would you choose?
  2. Who is your most hated book character?
  3. Which book do you want turned into a movie?
  4. What song is your jam at the moment?
  5. What book to movie adaptation are you looking forward to?
  6. Which book character do you relate most to?
  7. What is your favourite book genre?
  8. If you could be a supernatural creature, which would you choose?
  9. Who is your favourite superhero?
  10. Describe yourself in three words?
  11. Who do you plan on dressing up as on Halloween?

27 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Lovely post! Thank you so much for the tag, I really love your answers- and I entirely relate to some of them haha ❤ I'll do this award soon, definitely look forward to it 😀
    Thanks a lot again! Great post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your answers here, very lovely. I wish I had a bookish memory as sweet as yours, mine is just sitting in my parent’s walk in closet (not sure why I was there) reading Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentine – very random I know, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ooooooh, I loved reading your answers! They were so much fun to read. 😀 There were some great questions in there too. I would change that ending in Clockwork Princess, too. 😦 Enemies to lovers trope is one of my favorite as well. And you definitely got it right about the not like other girls trope. Wonderful answers, and thanks so much for the tag!! Can’t wait to tackle your questions. Great post! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. So…these are some amazing answers! And I was really enjoying myself and then I hit #6 of the first set of questions and I burst out clapping and crying and hollering! I couldn’t relate more! I LOVED Chaol and Celaena (mostly I loved Chaol) then that sunk and this Rowan came into the picture AND I ABSOLUTELY HATE HIM TOO! So amazing job, I love this! XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 😀😀
      I’m so glad someone else out there also loves Chaol as so many people don’t seem to like him (I really can’t relate to their reasons why as I love him, and really need to read Tower of Dawn asap) I’m also really glad someone also hates Rowan he’s such a popular character that I was starting to think I was the only one 💜💜

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Ahhh yes I love Beauty and the Beast! I’m so glad you enjoyed The Cruel Prince, I recently started it and I’m super excited to continue! I’ve been meaning to read Autoboyography as well, so I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 Thank you so much for the tag!

    Liked by 1 person

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