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January Movie and TV Wrap Up

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all having an amazing day. This month I watched some amazing movies and TV shows. Not to mention Dancing on Ice started back up after being off screen for four years, though it doesn’t feel the same without Wild at Heart coming on straight after.



The Greatest Showman

This movie was amazing. I’ve seen it three times this month and have and have been listening to the soundtrack constantly, This Is Me is my new jam. Everything about this move is brilliant from the acting to the singing to the cinematography and it has now taken the spot as my favourite movie of all time (sorry Titanic).


The Darkest Hour

This was another movie was brilliant following Winston Churchill from when he was made Prime Minister to the evacuation of Dunkirk. Gary Oldman did an absolutely amazing job as Winston Churchill and even though you know the outcome of the story they still managed to make it suspenseful.


The Zookeepers Wife

This was an amazing movie also set during the second world war and its based on a true story about the Warsaw Zoo in Poland and the owners who risked their lives to hide Jewish people and help then leave the country. I loved how well they were able to show the emotions that the people would have been feeling during such an awful time.

TV Shows


One Day at a Time Season 0ne and Two

This show is amazing. It follows a Cuban family living in America. It’s hilarious but also covers important topics such as sexism, racism, war, PTSD, LGBTQ+ and more. I would recommend this series to absolutely everyone.


Vampire Diaries Season 8

This was the last season of the vampire Diaries series and I’m really sad to see it go as it was such a big part of my teenage years. This series has been breaking my heart from the very first season and the final episode was no exception. The ending was amazing and done an amazing job of wrapping the series up.


Season 1 & 2 of Bill Nye Saves the World

I used to watch Bill Nye the Science Guy at school whenever we finished our work in Chemistry or on the last day at school so when I saw he had his own Netflix show I knew I had to watch it. It can be quite cheesy at times but really interesting and fun to watch.


Season 7, 8 and 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race

I am absolutely addicted to this series it’s so good and i cant wait for season 10.

What have you been watching this month?

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