September Movie and TV Wrap Up

TV Shows


This month I watched the fourth series of The Originals. I really enjoyed this series and actually prefer this show to the Vampire Diaries. I love how dark this show can be and can’t wait for the next season.


The third series of Gotham finally come on Netflix. As someone who loves villains I adore this series, though I did feel it was quite slow at the beginning but it picked up as it went on.


I also finally finished Game of Thrones and can now stop avoiding all social media. This series was amazing and I don’t know how I will survive the wait for the last episodes.




The first movie I saw this month was Dunkirk. I really enjoyed this and felt it was really well done.


I also watched the remake of Fantastic Four this month. This movie was no where near as good as the original and I felt bored while watching it. I feel it was very slow paced and I didn’t care for the characters.


This month I also watch the remake of It. This movie was amazing. The movie did a great job of being humorous as well as quite intense and there were quite a few good jump scares throughout.


As part of fresher’s week at my university the Disney Society, which I’m a committee member of, hosted a Marvel Movie Marathon where we watched all of the Marvel cinematic movies from Ironman 1 to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. They were all amazing.


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