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Unique Blogger Award #2

I was tagged by Shouni at Through the Book Portal, she has an amazing blog and you should go check her out.

The Questions

  • If you could bring any book character from their world to yours so you can be friends, who would you pick? I’d pick Luna Lovegood as she’s awesome and I think we’d get on really well as we’re quite similar. I also think she would be a very interesting travel companion.
  • What hobby would you like to pick up that you haven’t already? I’d love to be able to play the keyboard. I started teaching myself when I was at school but then my exams started so I put it on the back burner and have never went back to it but hopefully someday I will.
  • Do you like happy endings or sad but realistic endings? While I like happy endings I have to pick sad but realistic endings as I love books that make me cry and sometimes the happy endings can be quite anticlimactic.

I Tag

My Questions

  • What is your favourite desert?
  • What book have you read that makes you hungry?
  • What song reminds you of your favourite book?



8 thoughts on “Unique Blogger Award #2

  1. Ooo, thanks for doing the tag! YES, Luna would definitely be someone I would bring back , I love that girl. And the keyboard thing is something I understand very well, I also tried teaching myself but school got in the way. I hope you find the time to start again some day!

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