TV and Movie Wrap Up

TV Shows


I finished my rewatch of Doctor Who this month. It was as amazing as always and is definitely my favourite TV show and the 50th anniversary episode of one of my all time favourites.


I finally watched the 7th season of Vampire Diaries this month and as usual it was also brilliant and I can’t wait for the 8th season to become available on Netflix. I love how full of drama this series and how far it’s come from the first season. I also can’t get through a series of this show without crying.



The first movie I watched this month was Doctor Strange. I enjoyed this a lot more than Ant Man which I watched last month. I’m now caught up on all the Marvel movies that have been released so far and am ready for the rest of them.


This month I rewatched Moana. This is an amazing Disney film and has an absolutely brilliant soundtrack that I have been listening to constantly all month.

I also rewatched The Avengers and Age f Ultron. These two are my favourite Marvel movies and I can’t wait for Infinity War to come out.


I also saw the new Despicable me film this month. It wasn’t as good as the pervious movies but still enjoyable and the minions were as awesome as ever.

What have you been watching this month?


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