Do you ever feel guilty about buying books? 

Because I do

As book lovers one of the main things we do is buy books, obviously. And for most of us we dream of one day owning our own private library that looks something like this th which means we need to buy books. But buying books always leads to me feeling guilty.

I hate how many times I’ve read a book review or seen a book on goodreads and thought to myself how amazing that book sounds and yet never got round to buying it as I tell myself I should be saving my money, that I still have books sitting on my shelf that I haven’t read yet. And so I basically talk myself out of buying them. Then when I do give into the temptation and buy a book I feel extremely guilty.

A few weeks ago I bought myself a book I’ve been really looking forward to buying and while I was at the bookstore I came across another book that I’d been wanting to read but talked myself out of buying it because of guilt, just to then spend the ride home regretting not buying the book. So really its a lose-lose situation.

I feel that one of the reasons I feel guilty is because my family are always getting on at me when I buy books and I tend to get a lot of comments like “you’ve not went and bought another book,” “you don’t need any more books,” “maybe you should start saving your money for something else” and so now when I buy books these thoughts go around in my head.

But on the other hand I think why should I feel guilty it’s my money, I worked hard for it and so should be able to spend it on books if I want as long as all the essentials are always paid for.

Unfortunately for me this is an endless cycle that does not have an end as I’m always going to buy books and I’m likely always going to feel guilty about it, but I have came up with a small solution and that is to set aside a certain amount of money a mouth to spend on books and therefore the amount of books I buy depends on whether I buy them used or new.

This is the first discussion post I have ever written so I hope it turned out alright and I plan on writing one every month.

Do you feel guilty about buying books?


12 thoughts on “Book Buying Guilt

  1. Aww, it’s difficult isn’t it? I imposed a book ban last month. It wasn’t *fully* successful, but it slowed me right down. Problem is, if I do well, I reward myself with books. If I do badly, I console myself with books. Between times, there are the books I just *can’t* wait for.

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  2. It really is a lose lose situation! I feel guilty sometimes but I’ve come to terms with it lol. Like you said, I work hard for my money so why not! Yes I could save my money for something else, but in the long run books are what I love! I don’t care about shoes, clothes, make up, etc. All I want are books and to have my own library. I do set aside money for other things as well but I no longer feel guilty when I buy books 🙂

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