Fierce Fangirl Friday

Fierce Fangirl Friday

Fierce Fangirl Friday was a meme created by Jackie at Too Much of a Book Nerd. This is a meme where you get to Fangirl about everything and anything that comes to your mind.

This week I’m going to be fangirling about the 5th Pirates of the Caribbean movie Salazar’s Revenge. Which I’ve only recently got round to watching although it was released at the cinema a few weeks ago. Warning spoilers ahead and a whole load of rambling.


I was a little apprehensive going into this movie as the last one was not as good as the first three (though I still enjoyed it) but this one totally makes up for it, it was AMAZING!!! Queue high pitched squealing.

First of all Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley are back as Elizabeth and Will Turner though their part is small as this story focuses more on their son Henry Turner. I love that in this movie we finally get a conclusion to their story arc.

One of my favourite parts was the bank robbing. As usual Jack Sparrow makes a dramatic entrance where he’s attempting to rob a bank but instead of just stealing the money, which he loses while running away, he steals the whole building. This was one of the funniest parts of the movie.


Barbossa is my second favourite character after Captain Jack Sparrow, of course, and I really enjoyed his story arc in this movie. I did not see him being Carina’s father coming, though when we found out I did have the horrible feeling that he was going to die, which I’m not over and need another movie where he comes back again. When he sails down to Jack, Henry and Carina at the bottom of the sea, after they break the trident of Poseidon, hanging on to the anchor is one of the most stylish rescues I’ve seen.

I really liked the new characters of Carina and Henry. I also liked the villain of the movie Salazar, though he wasn’t as good as previous ones. And Jack was as awesome as ever.


My only problem was that Pintel and Ragetti weren’t in it. I really miss these two.




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