Wrap Ups and Hauls

April Wrap Up

This month was another slow one for me as I’ve been really busy with my placement which I’ve finally finished, it was exhausting but absolutely amazing. As well as having essays to write and exams, finished my last one this morning so glad it’s finally over. So this month I only read 3 books all pretty short.


The first book I read was The Bells and other poems by Edgar Allan Poe which I gave four out of five stars. I love the gothic aspect of his poems and Annabel Lee is by far my favourite.


The second book I read this month was Beauty and the Beast novelisation of the movie by Elizabeth Rudnick. Which helped to satisfy my Beauty and the Beast cravings after watching the amazing Disney live action movie. I gave this book five out of five stars.


The last book I read this month was another Beauty and the Beast retelling The Beast Within by Serena Valentino. This one I didn’t enjoy as much and gave it 2.5 stars out of five.

I also haven’t been Blogging very much this month. Only Uploading three posts.

This or That: Currently Reading

The Maze Runner Spoiler Free Review 

Black Cat Blue Sea Award

I’m going to be off for the next two months so plan on reading a lot more and getting a lot more posts out. I’ve also decided to start a bullet journal just dedicated to this blog to help ensure my blogging becomes much more regular.

I’d love to hear how about how your month went in the comments.


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