This or That

This or That

This weeks question is:

“Which genre do you prefer: Fantasy/Sci-fi or Mystery/Thriller?”

Most definitely fantasy/sci-fi especially high fantasy. I love getting swept away into completely different worlds and learning about different magic systems. No matter how many fantasy books I read I never get bored of them. I’m also one of those people where the bigger the book the better and fantasy books are usually pretty large.

The This or That challenge takes place on Bookmark Chronicles blog you should check out the link if you want to get involved.

Feel free to comment with your answer below.


7 thoughts on “This or That

  1. I am very much a fan of fantasy and science fiction!! Mystery and thriller are a genre that I almost never reach for. I wish I knew why but I have a hard time relating to mystery and thriller books. I keep trying though!

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  2. As much as I love Mystery/thriller I read so much Fantasy and Sci-fi I’d have to choose it XD Luckily this isn’t an actually real life thing could you imagine!? AH it would give me nightmares having to cut a whole genre 0.0 XD

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