Wrap Ups and Hauls

March Wrap Up

This has been a really slow reading month for me as I only read two books.


The first book I read was a reread The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater. I got the last one in this quartet for my Christmas so I am rereading them all. This book is about Blue, the only non psychic in a family full of them , who is pulled into the world of the raven boys who are searching for an ancient Welsh king.


The second book I read was Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen my favourite book of hers. It is a parody of the gothic novels that were so popular at that time. It’s about a girl called Catherine Morland who reads so many gothic novels that the line between fiction and reality starts to become blurred in her mind.

I started placement this month and have been rushed off my feet doing three and four 12 hour shifts a week with a day in university and trying to write essays and study for exams. I’m looking forward to May where I get two months off, definitely going to need it. This month I managed to fail my driving test for a third time, beginning to think I’m never going to pass. I also got to see Ben Haenow in concert which was amazing.

This month I also jumped on the band wagon of second hand books. I bought my first ever second hand books online from Awesomebooks.com. I bought The Guardians of Time Trilogy by Marianne Curley and am extremely pleased with the condition I received them in and will be buying more books form them in the future. I also bought the book of the film edition of Beauty and the Beast.

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